Lead glass cleaner solution with bio alcohol

Lead glass cleaner solution with bio alcohol

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Leaded materials, glass, BA13

Schott Glass approuved GLASKLAR clean solution for all RD30, RD50 and optical lead glass.

GLASKLAR is a professionnal clean solution for all smmoth surfaces as lead glass but it can be used for all float glass.

Triple action cleaning solution :
1° Soilings are quickly and completely resolved
2° Prevents new soiling through antistatic effect
3° Cleand surfaces dry off streak-free

Components :
- Anionics tensides
- Alcohols and preservatives in water
Free of AOX, sal ammoniac, acids or alkalis
All ingredients are biologically degradable

Packing : 1L bottle

CE Marked - Not harmful
Référence marché UGAP
CARTON 12= 34*26*27cm
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Flacon 1L agréé par Schott Glass
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